Empire Records (1995) Review

Empire Records (1995) Review

Empire Records (1995)
Director: Allan Moyle
Starring: Anthony LaPaglia; Rory Cochrane; Liv Tyler; Renee Zellweger; Johnny Whitworth; Robin Tunney; Ethan Embry

Allan Moyle’s Empire Records (1995) is a great choice for your evening’s feel-good entertainment. Whether you’re a young adult, or can remember being one, this mid-90s hit will undoubtedly lift your mood.

That’s not to say that Empire Records shies away from tough subject matters, however. In fact, it manages to tackle a corporate takeover whilst also exploring depression, anxiety, and a whole range of young adult problems. But, with a killer mid-90s rock and metal soundtrack accompanying the film, and a great deal of alternative 90s fashion in the wardrobe department, you can be sure to be feeling the positive vibes coming off this one from the minute you sit down to watch it.

It’s also interesting to see the likes of Liv Tyler and especially Renee Zellweger from before they hit the heights of their careers, with a few recognisable faces dotted around elsewhere, too.

The take-home feeling was that of enjoyment and positivity. Empire Records isn’t spectacular, it isn’t the High Fidelity of its genre, it’s not going to change your life, but it will leave you with a smile on your face and a taste for late 80s glam-rock.

Score: 14/24

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