Belle and Sebastian: Sister Buddha - Track Review

Tired, like so much of their recent music has been, but not without merit. 


Belle and Sebastian could use a refresh. After releasing and touring albums well into the 2010s, Stuart Murdoch’s songwriting has started to become a parody of itself; as the democratic outfit they’ve become, songs written by other band members have a chance to excel, though they rarely recall more than nostalgia. “Sister Buddha” is the first single from the band’s upcoming Days of the Bagnold Summer soundtrack, adapted from the graphic novel and directed by Simon Bird. While it’s clean guitar tones and leads scream indie rock, the melodies of “Sister Buddha” thankfully have more to offer than the Scottish band’s last record. 

There’s nothing particularly grabbing about the lyrics, detailing yet another classic B&S character that serves coffee and has a strange name; as a soundtrack, it’s hard to tell where “Sister Buddha” could fit into a film. Likely the end credits, and that’s probably where it should go. It’s a marked improvement from their last batch of songs, but Belle and Sebastian have a lot of ground to recover if they’re trying to reach the glory days of The Life Pursuit again.