Sleater-Kinney: The Future is Here - Track Review

Moody, dejected: 80s.


Sleater-Kinney have never shied away from their inspirations; their first albums rely heavily on riot grrrl tones and yelps, and their 2005 album The Woods channels Led Zeppelin on just about every track. Subtle, controlled: These are the tenets of a modern-day SK track, and “The Future is Here” is a prime example. Drawing on 80s synths and a guitar tone pulled directly from The Cure’s “A Forest,” everything about it screams post punk. Corin Tucker’s wail has never sounded brighter, though she accesses it infrequently, relying harder on her low register. The song motors along with a spacious rhythm section from Janet Weiss and atmospheric guitars that don’t stick out like they did on “Hurry On Home.” Tucker sings phrases we’ve heard before; tales of the future, needing someone more than ever before, all with a listless sense of falling off a skyscraper. It’s a song pleading to be saved, knowing that it’s already lost.

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