Sleater-Kinney: Hurry On Home - Track Review

“Hurry On Home” is a welcome return for a band eager to amaze.


Sleater-Kinney’s last album couldn’t help but digress. Anything following their 2005 career-ender The Woods would have a high watermark to pass, and No Cities to Love didn’t try. After 10 years out of the music spotlight, the band chose to ease in with a batch of easy rockers, a few duds, and catchier-than-ever hooks. “Hurry On Home” is their first offering from a forthcoming album produced by St. Vincent, and it’s less a progression than a doubling down.

“Hurry On Home” has the band sounding more seductive than ever. Led by Carrie Brownstein (naturally), the song features lyrics like “You know I'm dress down-able/ Uptown-able/ Hair grab-able/ Grand-slammable”: not your typical metaphor-ridden SK. It’s not the past, but maybe that isn’t so bad. For better or worse, Sleater-Kinney need to move on, and “Hurry On Home” does that in style. With the same general formula to guide them (and a well-layered background synth), the band sound refreshed in the act of being themselves. Brownstein is energized, and that’s more than enough to sell a Sleater-Kinney single.

Listen to “Hurry On Home”