The Flaming Lips: Giant Baby - Track Review

Dreamy and electronic, the Flaming Lips’ first proper single in three years is a stunner.

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After the Miley Cyrus-laced malaise of 2016’s Oczy Mlody, the Flaming Lips released a record store day exclusive album titled King’s Mouth. Featuring narration from The Clash’s Mick Jones on “almost every song” according to the Lips’ Wayne Coyne, it is now set for wide release on July 19th. The first proper single, “Giant Baby,” is lush, blissed out Lips at their very best.

The easygoing charm of “Do You Realize??” and meandering synths of their more recent albums mix in a two-part song that, for the first time in years, reminds why the Lips are a band worth following. Nonsensical lyrics about a literal giant newborn, and that life is sometimes sad, pair with swooning acoustic guitars and a jittering drumbeat + bass foundation. Coyne has never sounded more confident in his falsetto, and with the band boldly stepping into territory that may alienate longtime listeners, there is a real feeling that King’s Mouth could be something special.

Listen to “Giant Baby”