FKA Twigs: Cellophane - Track Review

Returning with her best single yet, FKA Twigs stuns with electronic simplicity.

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FKA Twigs has made an impression by challenging herself. Whether through heavy, forward-thinking electronic beats, or on the gorgeous “Cellophane,” her first proper single in years. She strips back, allowing her voice to take center stage, without neglecting her instrumental pedigree. Delicate and sparsely played pianos guide but never obfuscate, and a suite of strings rush in as if furious by their lack of inclusion. A soft beat guides alongside a whisper, but none of this matters when FKA Twigs begins to sing. Her voice is clean, uncluttered by rasp or any kind of vocal tics, echoing Bjork’s similarly ethereal singing/production combo on Vespertine. Music wraps around her lines as if made for her, not vice versa: and this is only the teaser.

Listen to “Cellophane”