Bruce Springsteen: Hello Sunshine - Track Review

A refreshing return to the acoustic ruminations of Nebraska.


The Boss is returning to his heartland. After years of arena-ready blegh-rock and an invigorating Broadway residency, Bruce Springsteen returns with his most quietly effective song this decade. “Hello Sunshine” is brass tacks: strummed acoustic guitar, slide, strings, and a patterning drum.

It sets the stage for a gorgeously sung country ballad, with vocals echoing the Nebraska-era and some of Jackson Maine’s more soulful cuts. The style is relevant, timeless, and not ready to be blasted for a crowd of 20,000 expecting a three-hour show. “Hello Sunshine” is the sound of staying in the studio, spending more time with the guitar, and not overdoing it: it’s the best Springsteen has sounded in years.

Listen to “Hello Sunshine”