Flying Lotus: Spontaneous/Takashi - Track Review

Jazz grooves return to Flying Lotus’s latest project.


By returning to his roots, Flying Lotus reminds us why we should be praising him at every chance. His roots are, of course, vastly wide and far-reaching, so it would be fruitless to pinpoint what exactly the Flying Lotus style is: somewhere between jazz-hop and electronica. Where “Fire is Coming” highlighted David Lynch’s significant contribution, “Spontaneous” and “Takashi” aim the spotlight back on FlyLo. “Spontaneous” features Little Dragon for a mostly transitory two-minutes, but the relaxed mood is pervasive. There’s more room for both artists to stand out, which simultaneously diminishes the individual contributions, leading up to the much better second part. “Takashi” practically negates “Spontaneous” in one of the most exciting and well-paced singles Flying Lotus has released to date. It’s subdued, grounded in jazz leanings and a spaced-out feeling, and another welcome teaser to Flamagra, FlyLo’s upcoming 27-track album. Strap in.

Listen to “Spontaneous” and “Takashi”