Flying Lotus: Fire is Coming - Track Review

Flying Lotus highlights his highest-ever-profile guest with subdued ambience.


The latest offering from Flying Lotus is more in line with ambient music than his hard-hitting, genre-shifting past. A stage for David Lynch’s narration (and perfectly-creepy video feature), “Fire is Coming” knows who it’s star is, and doesn’t try to upstage him. The video, which somehow isn’t directed by Lynch, features children in animal costumes screaming and stabbing, and a ragged-looking dog puppet that enters to terrorize and enthral. Lynch’s face appears inside the dog’s open mouth, and as he begins to weave a tale not unlike “A Real Indication,” it becomes impossible to look away: even without visual interference, Lynch commands the song with his narration, setting a tone that can only be described using his name. Soft tones abound, and as the song begins to heat up at the end, as does Lynch’s campfire story. “Fire is Coming” isn’t a showstopper for Flying Lotus, but it gives a platform for one of the greatest living filmmakers to preach, and preach he does.

Listen to “Fire is Coming”