Incredibles 2 - Review

I'll save you some time and cut right to the chase: Incredibles 2 is amazing, and you should definitely go see it right away. 


Ok, but for real, some analysis. Incredibles 2 picks up exactly where the original left off with an explosive beginning. The entire voice cast, save for the younger Parr family members, make their glorious return in a battle with the Underminer. From there, it's all new, all more serious Incredibles, as Brad Bird and his team expand the scope of the film as well as keep it in the family. 

The change in dynamic to keep Mr. Incredible at home while Helen, Elastagirl, is out fighting, is pitch perfect. Not only does the film focus on this, it gives smart and learned commentary on the de-masculation Bob suffers as a result. His journey throughout the film is easily the best, and keeping the attention on him also keeps it on the family. While keeping the family separated until about the last 30 minutes hurts, it does allow for a complex and emotional story to be told. 

The Incredibles 2 does have one glaring problem, though. After such an enigmatic and enthralling villain in Syndrome, Screenslaver feels like a goofy knock off. His pomp is diminished further when the inevitable face reveal occurs, and other than some well animated hypnosis scenes, he is mostly a bore. The threat feels minor, even as the the film pushes its heroes to their limits to combat it. Luckily, Incredibles 2's focus on family dynamics keeps it fresh despite the villain problems, so much so that it may have benefited from no villain at all. 

The Incredibles 2 is a massive success for Pixar, and their best sequel since Toy Story 3. The voice cast is excellent, the story is engaging, and the animation is bar none. Go out and see this movie.