Game Night - Review


Game Night is, surprisingly, pretty okay. 

Unfortunately that's pretty much all it is. I was continually amazed at how adept Game Night was at telling a story, based on the dime a dozen plot structure and uninspired trailer. It's also difficult to tell these days whether or not a Jason Bateman helmed picture will be any good, as he is cast in so many of the same, modern adult blagh-medies that have graced our screens in the past decade. Luckily, Game Night fares a whole lot better than those, largely due to the well written story and cast of genuinely funny characters. 

Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams play married couple Max and Annie, two trivia extraordinaires and lovers of friendly competition. Their friends, played by standouts Lamorne Morris and Billy Magnussen are consistently funny and inject a much needed realism into the ludicrous story. What's truly shocking about Game Night is how entertaining its far-out story is. Over multiple twists, turns, and hilarious bullet removal scenes, the film is captivating from start to finish and delivers some great jokes along the way. Jason Bateman appears to be the only one phoning it in, which for fans of the Arrested Development alum, is very sad. 

Game Night is a funny, flawed, and ultimately creative picture that settles for being just that; few risks are taken, and plot twists are incredible easy to guess, making this less a murder mystery and more a funny idea for a New Girl spinoff.