The Lego Batman Movie - Review

The Lego Batman Movie is an assault on the childlike senses of joy, action, adventure, and family, and doesn't allow one second to be used for filler.


The plot of The Lego Batman Movie is noticeably less dark and brooding than most other Batman outings: For starters, it's hilarious. The story is tied around Batman and The Joker's troubled relationship, which could have felt like a re-tread, but the comical spin on the relationship makes for one of the most hilarious interpretations yet. Batman is continuously faced with ever growing threats and menaces, and must adapt to face them. The plot may not be anything to write home about, and the ending is very reminiscent of The Lego Movie's finale, but it's the characters that make this story work. 


Starting with Will Arnett as Batman. As he did in The Lego Movie, Arnett aces the role. He brings just the right amount of sarcasm to each line, turning the often depressing character into a walking satire of his source material. The supporting cast are all excellent, with Zach Galifianakis as The Joker, bringing a comical craziness to the role that is much more common in other portrayals of the character, making him fell a bit less diverse. The other main highlight is Michael Cera as Robin. Perhaps the ultimate example of perfect casting, Cera shines in the Boy Wonder's shoes. His boyish voice (and not to mention hilarious lines) create an endearing character that we love because he is so innocent and funny. When Batman and Robin are paired together, the best moments of the film are created.


If you saw and enjoyed 2014's The Lego Movie, you are sure to enjoy the visual style of The Lego Batman Movie. Its punchy, quick, smirk inducing comedy will leave you in stitches, along with its many references to Batman films of the past. The realist animation style used in The Lego Movie is on display again, and as beautiful as ever. Colors pop, pieces look accurate, and the soundtrack is something that must be experienced firsthand.


The Lego Batman Movie is more of the same aweseomeness that The Lego Movie delivered in 2014, which is a really good thing. Fast, funny, and wholesome, The Lego Batman Movie is an incredible achievement.

Pros- Arnett as Batman, Cera as Robin, Animation Style, Writing

Cons- Sometimes Repeats The Lego Movie