Star Trek Beyond - Review

Star Trek beyond is a movie for fans of movies, but still manages to squeeze in enough nods and compelling characters to satisfy a Star Trek fan of any age. 


Star Trek Beyond follows a very simple plot, unlike other iterations in the long running series. It all begins with the Enterprise crew being captured by a villain named Krall (played by Idris Elba), forcing Kirk to find and rescue his crew and get them off the planet their ship has crashed on. As a viewer who hasn't seen all the previous Star Trek movies or various TV shows, this is a welcome change to the usual formula. The plot remains very interesting throughout the entire film, and never once lags. This has got to be some of the best pacing I've ever seen in a film, regardless of genre. Even my sister, who was not initially excited to see the film, exited the theater with only good things to say about it. 


As I have stated in another review of a movie starring Chris Pine (The Finest Hours), I don't believe he is that great of an actor. His bland performances in movies like Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and The Finest Hours did little to sway my opinion, but after seeing Beyond, I am beginning to understand why he was cast in the iconic role of Captain Kirk. His charm and wit come across better in the Star Trek series than any other film he stars in, perhaps due to the talent of the supporting cast. Zachary Quinto is once again great as Spock, pulling off the role with just the right amount humor and compassion. Idris Elba's Krall begins as a mediocre character, but as the film continues, we find out the tragic past behind the villain, in an awesome reveal I won't spoil here. However, the motivation for Krall's evil is never explained in a way that makes sense, more specifically his methods for carrying out his evil plans. For example, he often drains the life of Enterprise crew-mates in horrific fashion, but it remains unclear why he must kill them in this way. 


Beyond, tonally, feels more in line with Guardians of the Galaxy than traditional Star Trek. For me, someone who isn't a huge Star Trek fan, this is a dream come true. A much lighter tone, witty comedy, interesting characters that provide more than looks, and some killer music highlight Beyond, making it feel at once modern but totally original. For fans of Star Trek, it's hard for me to say if this movie will satisfy you, but you can rest easy in the fact that there are plenty of callbacks and references to old Star Trek, as well as the inclusion of new character dynamics and relationships that will surely come back in later sequels. Beyond also has some of the coolest special effects I've ever seen in a sic-fi movie, in ways that can only be explained by seeing the film. 


Star Trek Beyond is an extremely entertaining film, especially for those who haven't experienced Star Trek before. For those who call themselves Trekkies, don't worry. This movie is also for you. 

Pros- Great Special Effects, Simple Story, Compelling Performances

Cons- Sometimes Confusing Villain