Ghostbusters (2016) - Review

Yes, Ghostbusters is funny. The question that has been captivating the minds of fans for years is finally answered. However, does it have the longevity that the original film had?


Ghostbusters was never about the plot. If someone came up to you in 1984 and said, "Dude, I just saw this awesome movie about ghosts and some guy named Zool, and there's a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but it's huge!", it wouldn't sound like a great movie. The new Ghostbusters wisely avoids diving deep into pointless mythology and follows a mostly by-the-numbers plot involving ghosts and busting. Things do get quite over the top at the end, when one character jumps into a wormhole to save a friend from a gigantic version of the ghost featured in the Ghostbusters logo. Other than that, Ghostbusters plays it extremely safe, following the plot of the first movie almost to the letter.


This is what makes or breaks the movie. For the most part, it makes it. Some standout characters include Kate McKinnon's Hultzman and Chris Hemsworth's Kevin. McKinnon has yet to make her film debut in a big way, but Ghostbusters will certainly be the film that puts her on the map. Her perfect comedic timing and always hilarious antics make for a unique, truly funny character. McKinnon's character is one I could have easily seen alongside the original Ghostbusters. Hemsworth's Kevin is great for similar reasons, mostly because he is just so weird. While not all of his jokes land, his dumb and handsome routine is almost always hilarious, a smart change from the receptionist in the previous films. The rest of the main cast (Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig) are all good, but they each slip into their respective character stereotypes quite easily. Don't expect the comedy of films like Bridesmaids or Spy from these actresses, as they appear to have hung up their more SNL themed comedy in favor of a more family friendly style. 


Ghostbusters is not bad because of the ghosts, that is for sure. While the ghosts are extremely forgettable, they never detract from the film. The final battle between the gigantic ghost and the Ghostbusters does look pretty silly, and often poorly animated. This is all very odd, since the original Ghostbusters, which was released in 1984, (32 years ago) managed to make a gigantic Stay Puft Marshmallow Man look real and often menacing. Every major character from the original Ghostbusters, excluding the late Harold Ramis and the absent from all film Rick Moranis, make great cameos. Bill Murray is obviously the highlight, giving a sweet callback to the movie that made all this possible. 


The new Ghostbusters isn't a bad movie, in fact it is something much worse; forgettable. A few standout characters can't save this bloated reboot from being anything more than a quick flash of light in the movie landscape. 

Pros- McKinnon, Hemsworth, Fun Cameos

Cons- Bland Story, Unfunny Characters, Uninteresting Ghosts