Finding Dory - Review

Finding Dory is an incredible movie for several reasons, one being that it is the sequel to the 2003 film Finding Nemo, which holds a special place in nearly everyone's hearts. 


Finding Dory, contrary to its title, is not about Dory getting lost. Rather, it focuses on the things Dory must find, including her forgotten family and friends. This keeps Finding Dory from feeling like a blatant retread of Finding Nemo. Dory's short term memory loss is pushed to the forefront in this sequel, and is handled with a great deal more care than in Finding Nemo. Her condition is treated as an obstacle that she learns to cope with over the course of the film, rather than a way to advance (or walk back) the plot. Dory's adventure is filled with new and familiar faces, including Nemo, Marlin, and Crush the turtle. While the old characters are as entertaining as ever, it's the new characters that really show us why this sequel had to be made. 


Finding Dory is packed with creative, original, and genuinely funny characters. The most notable is Ed O'Neill's (Modern Family) Hank, the octopus that aids Dory on her quest to find her family. Over the course of the film, Hank remains adamant about going off to Cleveland to be put in a tank for the rest of his life, simply because he doesn't like other fish. His arc remains interesting throughout the film, since O'Neill plays him with a unique brashness only he can capture. Another huge highlight is Kaitlin Olsen's Destiny, a whale shark that turns out to be one of Dory's childhood friends. There is so much new talent on board it almost overshadows the returning characters, but favorites like Nemo and Marlin get plenty of screen time, and remain central to the plot.


Finding Dory is another in a long line of GORGEOUS Pixar films. While it most closely resembles Finding Nemo stylistically, it's easy to see different color schemes pulled from 2015's Inside Out, another beautiful Pixar film. Every part of the ocean, from the abandoned ships to the barnacles on the bucket one of the birds carries is animated with painstaking detail, and makes you long to see the wonders of the sea first hand. There isn't a moment that falters stylistically, which speaks to the enormous power of Andrew Stanton, animator of nearly all Pixar movies, and his creative team. Oh, and also, BABY DORY.


Every minute of Finding Dory is incredible to watch, from the absolutely adorable opening short, to the film's conclusion, this is one film we won't be forgetting any time soon. 

Pros- New and returning characters, GORGEOUS animation, intriguing character arcs, BABY DORY