Sing Street - Review

*There was some confusion on when Sing Street was released, so it is possible that this movie did not come out in theaters everywhere this week, but it was showing for the first time at my local theater this week. Enjoy!

Sing Street incorporates everything I love about movies: Music, romance, drama, Irish accents, and great performances. All these combined make Sing Street one of the most creatively refreshing movies I've seen in a while. 


The plot of Sing Street is perfectly simple. In Dublin Ireland, a 15 year old student starts a band so he can book an attractive model to be in their music video. The plot starts there, and then grows into a much bigger, better, more saturated romance between the two main characters. The film is mostly divided into different music videos the band makes, usually starring the model, who turns out to be more than just a pretty face. These music videos are the best part of the film, as you can clearly see that the filmmakers just decided to have fun with them, causing them to look like they could have been pulled off by a couple of 15 year olds. The film takes place in the 80s, and is thoroughly enriched by the products of that time. Bleached bangs, The Clash, MTV, it's all there. The film does a great job of making you feel immersed in that time, as well as feeling like an emotional teenager who's only way to express himself is through song. For that reason alone, Sing Street is great.


Sing Street's cast is made up mostly of no-names, but they certainly don't act like it. The young actors's dynamic is palpable, especially in the songwriting scenes. Sing Street almost feels like a documentary, in the way it captures the early stages of a band forming, and then following them through the ups and downs of songwriting and performing. The film basically revolves around the 16 year old model (played by Lucy Boynton) and her relationship with leading band member, Cosmo. Their relationship never takes a back seat to the music, and instead acts as a catalyst for it. Just like in real life, the types of songs Cosmo writes are based on his relationship with the model, making this one of the most personally touching films I've ever seen.


Sing Street is set in the 1980s, so there is little cause for it to be anything less than visually stellar. Everywhere you look, there is a bit of 80s trivia being peppered into each scene, a clear sign that the filmmakers are just as much in love with the time period as the characters are. Sing Street goes the extra mile and produces several original songs, all performed by the very musically talented cast. These songs are incredible, and I wouldn't expect anything less from the director of other musically themes movies such as Once and Begin Again.


Sing Street is sure to captivate lovers of music, romance, and sheer creativity. While this may not have been the most advertised flick, it is well worth seeking out for an incredible musical experience. 

Pros- Music, time period, performances