Gods of Egypt - Review

Gods of Egypt is not a great movie. In fact, it is a bad movie. However, there are some movies that are so bad, they are sometimes good. Gods of Egypt seems to have fallen into the middle of this middle category, resulting in an entertaining yet ultimately unsatisfying film.


The plot for Gods of Egypt is about as basic as you can get. One god is about to be crowned king, when at the last second the evil uncle steps in to take the throne for himself. The now humiliated king-to-be is forced to seek his revenge through the help of a mortal, leading to various hi-jinks and escapades. While this is certainly nothing new, it is a tried and true formula, meaning that it does keep your attention. I found, however, that after the credits rolled, I had very little to say about the film, negative or positive. This is worse, in a way, than completely hating the film and wanting to trash it verbally. Gods of Egypt's plot left me in a place where I felt I hadn't any new criticisms to voice over the poor plot line structure used in so many modern films.


Gods of Egypt is nearly devoid of any real acting, save for Gerard Butler's Set. His is a character made of pure rage, although he is never given a truly great opportunity to show his undying ferocity. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's Horus isn't much better, spitting out one liners like mouthwash that has been gargled for far too long. This is a shame, especially since Nikolaj's defining role has been on Game of Thrones, a show known for its excellent fights and characters with big personalities. He brings none of this to the table, not even a cheesy action hero personality. The other male lead, Beck, played by Brenton Thwaites, is as paint by the numbers a character as can be. He brings only his wit to the table in terms of skills, which are often painfully forced.


Gods of Egypt certainly commits to the style it is going for: over the top CGI action in an over the top CGI Egyptian landscape. While there are a few scenes involving mild sexual situations, the film is very light on true action. From the gold blood of the gods to the glossy look of the monsters, it surprises me that Gods of Egypt was given a pg-13 rating.


Gods of Egypt is a bad movie for all the right reasons. If you are looking for an entertaining flick to stimulate your love of Gerard Butler, Gods of Egypt may be just the flick for you. Otherwise, it doesn't have much to offer.

Pros- Gerard Butler, commits to Egyptian landscape

Cons- Poor CGI, bad acting, overused plot