Zoolander 2 - Review

Zoolander 2 is an often hilarious sequel to a timeless tale of the stupidity of the male model industry. It's unfortunate then, that the sequel relies mostly on this type of humor to succeed.


Zoolander 2's plot is quite the wild ride. Starting with the intense opener of Justin Bieber's death, the plot then escalates into a true matter of life and death. There are plenty of great moments, (specifically the scenes with Sting) but most of them are used to make callbacks or show off Penelope Cruz. This style remains funny throughout, but I doubt it will leave much lasting memory, as the original certainly did. There are a few great scenes, the best being between Zoolander and new characters, like Kyle Mooney and Kristen Wiig's. These moments are great, with Mooney playing the utterly confusing pseudo-hipster, and Wiig as the bigger, better Mugatu. It's unfortunate then, as Mugatu is reintroduced, she becomes heavily sidelined.


Zoolander 2 is full of great performances from its extensive cast. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are as genuinely stupid as ever, while Mugatu and Todd! are still the same sexually confused duo they used to be. Kristen Wiig and Kyle Mooney are the best additions to the cast, bringing a fresh humor to the formula. There are countless cameos from various celebrities, including Katy Perry, John Malkovich, Kiefer Sutherland, and Neil Degrass Tyson. While most of these cameos are funny, they do little to add to the film's lasting hilarity.



Zoolander 2 is at its best when it is totally insane, and that insanity is displayed best in the costume design and writing. Kristen Wiig's outfits are a character of their own, and Kyle Mooney's superb catchphrases are right out of the mouth of a trendy millennial. This, Zoolander 2 nails. The feeling that Derek and Hansel are no longer "hot right now." It's interesting then that the rest of the comedy doesn't reflect this creative twist.


Zoolander 2 is full of callbacks to the original, which are immediately hilarious, but don't do much to keep me grinning on the car ride home like the original still does.

Pros- Wiig, Mooney, costumes, Stiller

Cons- Comedy often flat, hilarity doesn't last