How Pixar's latest movie flipped me Inside Out

Pixar has an amazing reputation for making people cry. Now that may not be the best way to introduce Pixar’s latest, Inside Out, but it’s a good place to start. The main story of Inside Out asks the question; What if all the little voices in your head actually existed and controlled your personality? And what if two of the most pivotal emotions were completely absent from ones life? However what affected me the most from the movie was the terminology the characters used to describe emotions and personality. As a teenager, I’m arguably at the moodiest stage in a person’s life, and I’ve always struggled to find a way to describe my emotions clear fully and thoughtfully. Inside Out uses terminology like, “Islands of thought”, and “Core memories”. This almost baby-like slang turned out to be the perfect way for me to express my emotions. Difficult conversations with my mother about how I feel when she wakes me up at 8 am for a doctor”s appointment, now turned into manageable and comprehendible talk. Here is an example of how Inside Out can help simplify a difficult conversation:

Before Inside Out:

Parent- Good morning Billy, are you ready to get braces?

Billy- Gosh mom, your so annoying! Why don’t you just go away forever! Gosh! Heck!

After Inside Out:

Parent- Good morning Billy, are you ready to get braces?

Billy- Mom, when you wake me up this early, it causes an earthquake on my island of laziness. Also, it really doesn’t help my island of annoyance.

That may be a silly example, but it doesn’t mean that the use of more carefully chosen words wont help you describe your emotions easier.

Cole ClarkComment