Fantastic Four - Review

The original Fantastic Four wasn't a good movie, but at least it's characters knew how to have a good time. This latest endeavor into the origin of Marvel's First Family seems to forget that entirely, deciding to focus on lazy storytelling and the worst Doctor Doom the franchise has ever seen. 

Doctor Gloom

Marvel studios has finally figured out how to create great villains with real motivations and convincing origins. Fox, the owner of the Fantastic Four, has not. The first Fantastic Four, as well as the second, offered mediocre villains that were both defeated and forgotten easily. Fox appears to have learned nothing from previous installments, bringing the worst portrayal of Doctor Doom cinema has ever seen. Viktor Von Doom, as portrayed by Toby Kebbell, does a less than decent job of showing Doom's nefarious origins before he becomes the titular villain, and his transformation from man to super villain is so poorly done I almost thought it was a joke. Doom is thought to have been killed by an earthquake on planet zero (the planet the team is transported to), but later re emerges as Doctor Doom, the tinfoil man. I don't mean that as a joke, I mean his costume literally looks like someone glued tinfoil onto his body. Not only is his costume ridiculous, but his powers make absolutely no sense. Since when can Doctor Doom explode people's heads at will?

The Teller Factor

Miles Teller, along with the rest of the cast, have all had respectable roles in successful movies. Most notably, the Oscar nominated Whiplash (right), starring Teller. How the director saw the tormented drum protegee as Mr. Fantastic is beyond me. Not only is the script unbearable, but the actors seem to have completely forgotten how to express emotion. There are so many stunted and awkward scenes between the cast that aren't even worth making fun of. That's not good. The cast had great potential, but it seems that all the odds, including their own, were working against them.

Flame Off

Like I said before, the new cast and script of Fantastic Four is completely devoid of comedy or heart. This shows clearly in the paper thin relationships formed by the traumatic events of planet zero. The comedic timing and family bond formed in the comics is completely absent, and has been replaced with uncomfortable and stunted dialogue. 


The original Fantastic Four comics knew when to be funny and when to be serious. This new adaptation completely disregards that in favor of drab and depressing scenarios punctuated by a horrible Doctor Doom, and no family bond. Hopefully Marvel's First Family will be coming back to its original creators before the franchise can be declared officially doomed.

Pros - Maybe this will convince Fox to give Fantastic Four back to Marvel?

Cons - terrible Doom, wasted cast, poor effects, bland writing