The Peanuts Movie - Review

If you are an old school fan of the classic Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz, The Peanuts Movie will bring back waves of nostalgia for you. But is it still accessible to new fans and younger kids?


The first thing noticed when watching The Peanuts Movie is that it has old school Peanuts written all over it. From classic references to past adventures involving good old Charlie Brown and the gang, to the insane escapades of Snoopy, flying ace. The plot is fairly simple, and may appear layed back to younger viewers compared to other films like Despicable Me or Inside Out. This is part of what makes The Peanuts Movie great, the fact that it deviates from the usual action packed plot of most modern animated films. Similar to the classic Peanuts films, the story encourages good values, and ultimately gives a happy ending. If you were worried that The Peanuts Movie would be torn apart by modern animation standards, don't be. This is classic Peanuts at its best.


The most incredible aspect of The Peanuts Movie is the voice cast, which is entirely composed of little kids. The young actors pull off the voices perfectly, causing me to not even notice a vocal change until I found out. If you are familiar with the old movies, you will feel right at home with The Peanuts Movie, thanks to its excellent junior voice cast.


The first outing for the Peanuts gang in 3D looks incredible, and the CG animation stands out from typical animation fare. Every minute of the film is jam packed with over the top set pieces, usually as a part of Snoopy's flying ace adventures. The Peanuts original hand drawn style translates beautifully into the modern CG animation, and never once deviates from the original stylistic formula, which is a good thing.


If you are a lifelong Peanuts fan, The Peanuts Movie will have you grinning and shaking your head over the marvelous escapades of Charlie Brown and the gang. If you're a newcomer, prepare for something a bit more layed back than the typical animated movie, but still bursting with joy.

Pros- Excellent voice cast, beautiful animation

Cons- May be a bit slow for newcomers