The Social Network - Review

I was unable to see a movie this weekend, as I was in Mexico for a mission trip all weekend! I hope you enjoy this review.

With Steve Jobs coming out this weekend, I thought it only fitting to review one of screenwriter Aaron Sorkin's masterpieces, The Social Network. A film about power, innovation, stupidity, and college.


The Social Network chronicles the true story of Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, the creators of Facebook. The film tells the tragic story in a non-linear way, with the first scene taking place in a court meeting with Eduardo (Andrew Garfield) suing Mark (Jesse Eisenberg) over the hugely successful company. The narrative then picks back up at the origin of Facebook, with Mark coming up with the idea in his college dorm. The story is told at a brisk pace and is always introducing us to new and interesting characters. Perhaps the greatest achievement is that all of these characters are smart and hilarious in their own ways, with none feeling like copies of Zuckerberg or Saverin.


Both Eisenberg and Garfield give standout performances as their egotistical characters. However, it is Justin Timberlake and Armie Hammer who bring so much more to the film than Eisenberg or Garfield ever could have on their own. Timberlake's Sean Parker, creator of Napster, and Hammer's portrayal of Tyler Winklevoss bring the real humor to the film.


Director David Fincher (Gone Girl, Fight Club, Seven) brings his personal brand of beauty to The Social Network. While it may be more toned down than a few of his other thrillers, it is still very entertaining and exciting. Thanks to the tremendous writing of screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, the real star of the show is the dialogue between Zuckerberg and other characters.


The Social Network is a gem of the 21st century, and everyone should see it. Its writing, directing, and performances are all superb, creating one of the greatest movies ever made.

Pros- Eisenberg, Timberlake, non-linear story