The Martian - Review

With films like Interstellar and Gravity becoming more and more popular, I was worried The Martian would too closely resemble these superb films. Fortunately, The Martian brings something completely unique to the table, thanks to Matt Damon's standout performance.


The Martian doesn't waste any time in establishing that Matt Damon is a pretty unfortunate guy. As we all know, Damon is left on Mars by his crew for 4 years, until another manned mission can reach him. Things don't exactly pan out the way they do in the trailers, but Damon is still left on Mars for a very long time with no means of growing food. The ingenuity and smart one liners Damon's character spouts out are all incredibly believable and convincing. The plot does take a few twists and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat for Damon's safety.


The heart and soul of The Martian rests on the acting ability of Matt Damon, and he pulls it off beautifully. His quips, botany skills, and moments of rage do a fantastic job of humanizing him. One thing that worried me from the trailers was that Damon's character seemed so extremely arrogant, and I'm sure arrogance would be the last emotion anyone would feel if they were marooned on Mars for multiple years. Fortunately, I was proven wrong. Damon's arrogance is perfectly subsided by his ability to be candid and honest, as in many scenes where he loses his cool and explodes on the people at mission control to just shut up.


As I said before, The Martian takes the opposite approach to space exploration that 2014's Interstellar took, focusing on the man rather than the scale. Seasoned director Ridley Scott does an amazing job of injecting his famous sci-fi flare into the The Martian. From the barren wasteland of Mars's surface, to the futuristic NASA headquarters, it's all there in the style department.


The Martian is a cinema highlight of 2015, and will likely live on forever in the movie cabinets of space and science geeks. Damon brings an outstanding performance as the titular hero Mark Watney, and the rest of the excellent cast supports him well. Ridley Scott has done it again.

Pros- Damon, supporting cast, creativity

Cons- No record of Damon's family