7 Reasons Why The Force Awakens Will be Awesome

I think I speak for every human living and breathing when I say Star Wars is awesome. With Episode 7 just around the corner, here are 7 reasons why Star Wars Episode 7 is going to be awesome.

1. The Characters

Luke, Anakin, Lea, Yoda, Han, Chewy, Vader. These characters are what made Star Wars great, and are still what is making it great today. Almost all of these characters are returning, save for Yoda and Vader (tear). Hopefully the new characters will bring just as much excitement to the series as the originals did in 1977.

2. J.J. Abrams

The man responsible for successfully rebooting the Star Trek franchise, is now directing Episode 7. Abrams has been giving regular updates on the progress of the film, and obviously knows how to cut a trailer. If we can trust him with our precious Enterprise, I think we can do the same for the Millennium Falcon.

3. The Trailers

So far there have been two trailers, (trailer 1, trailer 2) which I encourage you to watch if you haven't seen them yet. If you have seen them, you know that they are the embodiment of hype. They are wonderfully cut, and do a great job of combining nostalgia for the old combined with excitement for the new.

4. No Midi-chlorians

George Lucas, the man responsible for both creating and tanking the Star Wars franchise, is completely UN-involved with The Force Awakens. This may cause a tear from a few George Lucas superfans, but for those of us who hope for a unique future in the Star Wars universe are more than happy to never see Jar Jar Binks again.

5. The Cast

A new cast full of new faces like John Boyega and Daisy Ridley, mixed with old pros like Oscar Isaac and Andy Serkis. Also, Mark Hamill!

6. The Music

Original composer of the first 6 films John Williams will be returning for The Force Awakens, and for some of us that is the most exciting part. Everyone remembers the iconic symphonies that punctuated some of the most famous scenes in the original trilogy, and hopefully those moments will return in The Force Awakens.

7. Mystery

Does anyone really know what's going to happen in Episode 7? There have been no major leaks, threads, or accidentally uploaded photos to reveal why everyone is so old and who these new characters are. This is a major plus; since it's always better to go into a movie blind, especially with Star Wars. Where is Luke? Will C-3PO be back? Why is Darth Vader a broken husk? I guess we'll just have to wait and see when Episode 7 comes out December 18.

Cole ClarkComment